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Kishori Aird wants you to know how much power you already have—and that tapping that power can be easy. All it takes is getting in touch with your own DNA.


A trained naturopath and medical intuitive, Kishori Aird says that years of working as a therapist convinced her that the world is full of everyday heroes. “People face huge obstacles and never give up—they just keep on loving no matter what. They fall, hurt and again they go on looking for love in this world. I’m in awe of that. How more divine can that be?” But watching her clients struggle, she longed to be able to provide them with shortcuts.


She had her own challenges, too—for example, how to protect her own vibration as she traveled the globe to work with others. “I’m really sensitive and needed to know how to be sealed, how to have healthy boundaries. Prayer and mantra and therapy didn’t always work. This is the reason I invented a reprogramming protocol in my DNA to foster better boundaries. I just realized that even though I had tried different avenues, I was basically missing the program.”


Convinced that there had to be a way to create lasting positive changes, both for her clients and herself, Kishori Aird began a period of research that involved both science and intuition. She learned that we routinely use only about 12 percent of our brain capacity, and 3 percent of our DNA. In Kishori Aird’s view, that meant something was clearly amiss.


In 1997, together with a small group of other therapists, Kishori Aird began working to tap the potential of DNA using imagination, medical intuition and visualization. After almost two years of teamwork, followed by two more years of independent research and teachings, she felt ready to publish her findings and share how it is possible to reprogram DNA. She shows how to consciously enlist the help of our genetic material, instead of struggling against it. “We keep running in circles,” Kishori Aird says, “but not from lack of effort—from lack of programming.”


The technique for reprogramming DNA is laid out in Kishori Aird’s first book, DNA Demystified: A Practical Guide to Reprogramming the 13 Helixes at Zero Point. (Two more books, DNA and the Quantum Choice, and Essence, have since been published.) She compares DNA Demystified to a recipe book, since it provides a whole menu of protocols for change. “Reprogramming is a very simple procedure—it can be learned from the book, or if that’s too abstract, people can take a workshop,” she says. But she stresses the fact that reprogramming is something anyone can do. “Intention at zero point and a way to get a yes/no answer—that’s all you need.”


Now Kishori Aird feels that she has a way to really help her clients. She has a protocol for healthy boundaries, a protocol for living in the present, a protocol for self-love, a protocol for youth and longevity, and more. “For every crisis, we do a muscle test to find out which protocol a person needs. Then we install them, change happens, and it sticks.” But she insists that the method is “not hierarchical”—anyone can use it, a fact that suits her just fine. “I didn’t want a technique where I would be ‘at the top.’ This is not the hierarchical age of the Pisces. But the horizontal one, of the Aquarius. We’re all wounded healers sharing our researches,” she says.


Those working alone with her book to reprogram DNA first determine which program, or programs, are needed. (The book explains how to use a simple two-finger technique to obtain a yes/no answer, but a pendulum or any other divination method can be used as well.) Installing the programs then is then just a matter of giving effective commands through the power of intent. Bringing the full self to the process is the key here, the author says.


“Intent, in order to work, needs to be like a magnet. That means involving two poles.” She suggests that it’s time to stop fearing so-called “bad” emotions. “I love doubt,” she says. “It’s a juicy, fantastic negative pole to command with. Emotions like doubt are the fuel of our intent. They act as the opposite pole giving our positive intent a magnetic power.” DNA Demystified teaches framing intention in a way that specifically incorporates both polarities. Commands use the words “Even though” followed by “I choose.” (For example, “Even though I’m nervous because I’m giving a dinner party…I choose to feel relaxed and comfortable with the outcome.”) This technique, instead of denying real vulnerabilities, embraces them and uses them to create a new reality. Kishori Aird says that she now likes to begin commands with the phrase, “By the power vested in me by my doubts and fears, I command….” followed by the positive-polarity statement of intention.


As Kishori Aird sees it, the goal is not to be inhumanly perfect, but perfectly human. “It’s crazy to think that being who we are is not correct,” she declares. “You wouldn’t go into the forest and tell the wildflowers that they need to change. It’s the same with us. The time for self-improvement is over. The time to maintain the frequency of our Essence has arrived. In order to do so, we can reprogram our DNA to assist us in the process.”


Quantum physics has come to understand that matter should be defined in terms of its vibration rather than its chemistry. The challenge for us is to understand this as well, and to choose to vibrate at the frequency of our Essence. “The universe is more than 70 percent emptiness, and so is the body. Think of a guitar—sound vibrates through the emptiness. We’re supposed to vibrate the frequency of our essence in the same way in our interstitial void.”


This is not a process that would make everyone the same, Kishori Aird stresses. “The Archangel Michael has a beautiful vibration, but it’s not yours. Why would you try to be like someone else? Every day I say ‘thank you, my Essence, for inhabiting my body.’ And I pray to make every decision aligned with the vibration of my Essence.” She chuckles, recalling a workshop where all the participants had just installed a protocol for vibrating their own unique essence. “I asked them to vibrate their Essence, then intent to increase its frequency. They did—and the lights just went out!” Kishori Aird likes to imagine the planet inhabited by people vibrating their essence, and allowing others to do the same. “All of us coexisting in the same place and vibrating at a different essential frequency, like the theory of the multiple universes in quantum physic, to me, that’s the image of world peace.”


But she knows it’s a vision that can only be realized one person and one choice at a time. “Every cell in your body knows that the frequency of your own Essence is its right vibration,” she says. “Be materialistic—bring it into your body. That’s why we’re here to vibrate our own divine essential frequency and our DNA is ready to be reprogrammed to help us achieve this and ultimately, self-love.”

PUBLISHED in New Spirit Journal ( – April 2006






If you have the impression that you need to be extremely knowledgeable or spiritually evolved to re-code your personal genetic code, think again! When referring to DNA, we always imagine it as being a lot more complicated than it really is. The truth is that it is not necessary to be a clairvoyant, to be part of a select group of initiates or to even know the ABCs of telepathy to start reprogramming yourself. Since junk or random DNA has a vibratory, electromagnetic field that responds well to intention, this is the angle we will use to guide us as we do our reprogramming. Intention is both efficient and simple to use.


Formulating an intention is a process that is concise, easy to understand, and that triggers transformation. Changes tend to occur on an unconscious level, yet they provoke visible results. They manifest at different levels of our being, including our subtle bodies, our molecular structure, and even the space surrounding us. When reprogramming DNA, our goal is to use intention to install new programs or codes directly into our genes, targeting specific areas or “addresses.”


To create an effective conscious intention, we first have to identify our pain and vulnerability, that is, the state in which we tend to slip back into our old programs, and then include these factors in our statement. Integrating duality into the formulation of my intention also allows me to ground it in love. This is a very important point. In order to really create effective intentions that will act on our junk or random DNA, we need to be able to stay tuned to our vulnerable side. A magnet’s effectiveness comes from the fact that it possesses two poles: one positive and one negative. The same goes for intentions or commands. For them to work, we need to consider both sides of the equation, including both poles of our duality. For example, “I choose to reconnect my 13 helixes” can only become a powerful intention if I add “even if I don’t know how (or even if I feel powerless, etc.).” To include both poles will magnetize the conscious intention, thus making it effective and efficient.


As a medical intuitive, Kishori has established contact with the body’s innate intelligence through kinesiology. This method is what enables her to test questions and to come up with answers in the reprogramming of DNA. You too will need a method or a testing tool. She invites you to use any tool that seems best suited to your needs to get “yes” or “no” answers to your questions. You could consider a pendulum, dreams, simple intuition, automatic writing or any other technique you find works for you.


Reprogramming our junk or random DNA will be achieved by awakening to our role as programmers without judging our vulnerable side. Our tools will be intention (including duality), our unconventional questions, our testing techniques (kinesiology, etc.), and the reprogramming protocols that are presented by Kishori Aird in her book DNA Demystified. She has invested many hours in developing these protocols since she does not practice channeling and did not want to base her work solely on images or visualization. Her task consisted of “grasping” vibratory, ethereal concepts and translating them into an accessible and “earthly” language. She then created a system for her students that was both user-friendly and risk-free.


In her first book DNA Demystified, Kishori presents 17 protocols and in her second book DNA and the Quantum Choice she adds another 14. In her last book ESSENCE, she explains that like quantum particles we all have an essential nature that vibrates at a specific rate. She shows how to connect with this essential frequency and to tune our interstitial void to this vibration to finally reach ascension.


Here is a list of some of the protocols engineered by Kishori Aird in the first book, DNA Demystified:


                   PROTOCOL No. 1  Reconnecting the 12 Helixes  


                   PROTOCOL No. 2  Installing and Reconnecting the 13th Helix  


                   PROTOCOL No. 3  Reharmonizing / Activating the 13 Helixes  


                   PROTOCOL No. 4  Installing a New Program in a Faulty Gene  


                   PROTOCOL No. 5  Installing a New Health Code  


                   PROTOCOL No. 6  General Protocol for Installing a New Program  


                   PROTOCOL No. 7  Installing the Youth and Longevity Program  


                   PROTOCOL No. 8  Repairing a Gene in a Chromosome  


                   PROTOCOL No. 9  Increasing the Functioning Percentage of the Information Decoder  


                   PROTOCOL No. 10  Installing the New Paradigm to Choose to Be   in the State of Love at Zero Point  


                   PROTOCOL No. 11  Integrating the Negative Polarity  


                   PROTOCOL No. 12  Integrating the Positive Polarity  


                   PROTOCOL No. 13   Living in the Present at Zero Point  


                   PROTOCOL No. 14  Reconnecting the DNA with the Allies of the 13 Helixes  


                   PROTOCOL No. 15  Tolerating the Change in Frequency Due to the Activation of the 13 Helixes  


                   PROTOCOL No. 16  Being Perfectly Sealed 


                 PROTOCOL No. 17  Implosion Within Our DNA   


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