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Coaching  session with Kishori Aird


Kishori Aird welcomes you to a caring and non-judgmental session of 55 minutes of coaching of Unity and Essence. Writer and speaker, she is the author of seven books, including DNA Demystified and her latest in French, La Porte de l’Unité ,The door to Unity. She is a Reiki Master, a graduate of the school of hypnosis ofDolores Cannon ( and naturopathic school. ( )

Each time you feel uneasy or experience a difficult situation, she will help you choose your Essence and stay at zero point at all levels. The goal is to help you stay in touch with your  Essential Self when you are going through a challenging period. The journey back to the Essence is the way to vitality and well-being.

Mrs. Aird tools are numerous: naturopathy, reprogramming DNA, visualization, coaching, active listening and guidance to the Essential Unity. The sessions are done via Skype or telephone. Mrs. Aird uses muscle testing and DNA reprogramming.

The purpose of these consultations is to encourage a return to the Essence,Self Love and Unity. It is they who provide the health and well-being.   

The protocols were first created to advance DNA -  Now I use them to foster the new energies of Essential Unity.  For any given situation, I would ask is the person at zero point re. the situation.  If not, how many protocols must be installed to access zero point and essential unity.

My work on DNA has changed my consciousness and I have realized that presence and self-love in the key to any healing.  I do not try to heal but to install presence and self-love in the given situation with the help of the protocols.

To book a coaching session with Kishori by skype or phone: please send an email to,

Let her know when you are available and please mention you skype user’s name.