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Since DNA was discovered in the 1950s, scientists have convinced us that human beings were entirely determined by their genetic code and that there was nothing that we could do about it. Their stand was: we are programmed, and genetic changes only evolve over long periods of time through slow processes. To this day, according to conventional science, the only way to alter our genetic code is to proceed mechanically (or in certain cases biochemically). In other words, take out a gene here, put one back there, destroy a few others with chemical products or viruses, etc.

Psychiatrists were the first to challenge the belief that it is impossible to influence our genetics through mind or spirit. Through observing individuals with “multiple personalities,” they saw that each personality had its own name, vision of the world and way of relating to others (including sexually). However, let us remember that these different personalities all existed and alternated within the same body, causing physiological changes to occur within only minutes.

Of course, it is true that genetic programs do exist, determining our physical appearance, our biology, our innate abilities and even a considerable part of our psychology, including limitations over which we have no choice. What is less certain, however, is that there is nothing we can do about it. We have a role to play. The scientific community does not have sole authority over the human genome.

The dissemination of research results on the human genome reveals another fact that is pertinent to the topic of this book: biologists who have been working on the human genome have defined only 3% of our genetic code. Only three percent! According to scientists, some genetic combinations are active in our genetic code and others are latent. Our genetic heritage contains desert-like spaces between, and inside, our genes.

By now, you have no doubt understood that if we imagine that our junk or random DNA (that is 97% of our genes ) and 41 out of 64 possible codons are a restricted, futile and useless component of our DNA, then this idea will resonate within us, shaping our reality. Conversely, if we are able to envision a greater reality, opening our minds to a larger temporal concept by remembering that junk or random DNA harnesses incredible power, our DNA’s response will be boundless. Just think about everything that is accomplished with only 3% of our DNA. Now, think about all the power that may exist in the remaining 97%.

Another challenge to the ivory tower of mechanistic science was imposed by quantum physics. According to the proponents of new physics, matter is not as “solid” as it appears; it is alterable, and it interacts with reality as well as with time. More specifically, when referring to the infinitesimal, quantum physicists have taught us that matter no longer has the same concrete reality: it is no longer matter but energy, and the form (concrete reality) it takes is influenced, and even determined, by the observer while obeying the laws of physics.

Scientists have even observed that DNA waves can be modified depending on the state of the observer’s mind. For example, the spiral can shrivel up if we are in a state of weakness or depression, or become longer if we are in a state of creativity or happiness. This means that even the scientific world recognizes how our thoughts influence the physical conformation of DNA.

Nothing about this is imaginary. We have seen that DNA can be compared with a small electric motor, sensitive to magnetism. Clearly, this signifies that junk or random DNA can respond to our commands, choices and wishes, as well as to the quality of our energy.

In DNA Demystified, I have developed reprogramming protocols to transform and restructure the faulty or unconscious programs in our genetic coding. The reprogramming work is vibrational, at the level of our junk or random DNA. The tools needed for this work are intention, kinesiology (or another test method) and what I call the engineering of the reprogramming protocols. I invite you to start this adventure. We will climb all the steps, one at a time, that will lead us to reclaim our potential and genetic codes.

INTENTION: If you have the impression that you need to be extremely knowledgeable or spiritually evolved to re-code your personal genetic code, think again! When referring to DNA, we always imagine it as being a lot more complicated than it really is. The truth is that it is not necessary to be a clairvoyant, to be part of a select group of initiates or to even know the ABCs of telepathy to start reprogramming yourself. Since junk or random DNA has a vibratory, electromagnetic field that responds well to intention, this is the angle we will use to guide us as we do our reprogramming.

The first step to understanding and learning how to use intentions is to leave behind wishful thinking and old programs which lead us to think that better times will come on their own. Instead, we must adopt the position of a programmer who knows how to use his or her doubts and weaknesses as the negative pole of a magnet, and perceive his or her active choices as the positive pole, in order to magnetize and command new possibilities. In reprogramming DNA, we will have to create new programs, and we shall do that through intention at the zero point of these two polarities.

An intention is a command spoken out loud regarding the state in which we want to be. Stating an intention is a responsible action that allows individuals to regain control over their lives. Therefore, an intention is a sentence (a command) that states a new program to be installed within us and includes its unconscious, negative “by-default” counterpart.

Part of our DNA is made up of our original lost codes which are hidden somewhere in an unexplored zone that scientists call junk or random DNA; another part was programmed by our biological ancestors, through the generations; and yet another section was shaped by our parents and environment before we were old enough to have any choice in the matter. Mostly, we have been subconsciously programmed by our earlier experiences and we tend to naturally go back to the latter, our unconscious, “by-default” programs.

To explain what I mean when I refer to “by-default programming,” allow me to use the analogy of computer operating systems, since DNA, including its operating systems, is made up of a series of programs.

Currently, 90% of personal computers run on an operating system called Windows, developed and marketed by Microsoft. Windows comes already installed on our computers when we purchase them and offers a series of amazing default options. This system has been working for so long that most of our email correspondence uses the same font. We even tend to think that a computer that does not display the Windows logo when we start it up is not real or good, and that it will not fully meet our needs. Since Windows is installed by default, and because its options or parameters are defined by default, many people are convinced that Windows is the only secure operating system compatible with our software. However, several years ago, other independent programmers decided to challenge Microsoft. They developed another operating system called Linux and offered it free of charge. Yet, Linux is not very popular. Even though Windows is often unstable, “bugged,” complex and expensive, we tend to choose it by default. It is a little bit like our DNA: even though it is “bugged,” we continue to choose its by-default programs.

When we were children, our environment “installed” programs that seemed as perfect as Windows since they were offered by a parental authority (Microsoft). Hence, our “by-default” programs are most often learned during childhood. For example, people who as children learned that, to be loveable, they needed to be quiet and refrain from making too much noise, will tend to automatically choose the “silent mode” whenever they need affection or tenderness. That is their “by-default” program. They buy Windows rather than Linux without even thinking. It is a by-default choice rather than a conscious one.

To break away from our unconscious by-default programs, we must make conscious choices. That means working with conscious intentions rather than by-default intentions. A conscious intention is equivalent to clicking the control panel of our computer and choosing different settings from those installed by default. In other words, we must become similar to the independent programmers who created Linux and develop new programs in our DNA.

Wishful thinking is one of the reasons we allow ourselves to be led by outmoded, by-default intentions. This expression refers to the habit we have of not paying attention to things, of not being bothered, of thinking that problems will sort themselves out in time. Wishful thinking is believing that one day everything will turn out okay without doing any inner work. That you will miraculously win a million dollars, or that all of a sudden the world will discover that you are a talented artist. In other words, it is believing that all of your wishes will come true as if by magic.

The first time I stopped to consider the meaning of the expression “wishful thinking” I really had to take an objective look at myself in order to fully comprehend how this concept applied to my own life. I realized that I had been hoping that, on some hypothetical day in the future, by sheer chemistry, I would have the life that would make me happy. I had not yet understood that I would have to stick to the task and come to terms with my vulnerabilities, rather than pushing them away, hoping that everything would resolve itself. I had many ups and downs before I was finally responsible enough to face up to the reality of my life.

From 1980 to 1990, wishful thinking frequently manifested in the form of affirmations. We thought that all we needed to do to improve our lives was to make positive statements, such as the classic, “Each day, I feel better and better.” I used those affirmations often. However, I have to admit that they did not help me overcome the challenges that I had to deal with on a daily basis. Faced with the “catch-22” situations of everyday life and the constraints of the third dimension, affirmations seemed to create more frustration than contentment in my life. And yet, positive statements are intentions or commands in their own right, are they not?

Wishful thinking convinces us that everything should be simple, and consequently, we often get discouraged when it is not. This is at the root of the complaint we often hear in therapy, “Oh no, not that again! I thought I’d already dealt with that, that I was done with this.”

When we hope to see our discomfort “magically” disappear, we abdicate our role as programmers, relinquishing our power over our reality. Nonetheless, life requires that we get involved in our evolution. It wants us to be imaginative co-creators who work with conscious intention while allowing our suffering the space it needs. It took several years for me to understand that by-default programs were cancelling the effect of my affirmations because I was in the habit of denying my pain and vulnerability, in other words, because I was denying my humanity and my duality.

Mastering intention is essential to reclaiming your personal power. However, even after having worked on my by-default programs through conscious intention, it was still difficult to pick myself up and overcome inertia when I became paralysed by my emotions or my default programs. No matter how much I wanted to be happy and creative, I remained sensitive to foggy Monday mornings, heavy early-week traffic and the domestic requirements of my family life.

Yet, ever since I began using intention to restructure my DNA, I have felt a transformation occurring inside of me! I am still human, but I have changed so much that even Monday mornings are starting to look better!!! I finally have the feeling that my reality is changing, and the proof lies in the improvements taking place in my life on a very practical level. One thing is for sure: the more I get involved in my genetic code, the more I change. And the more I change, the more determined I am to install new paradigms in my reality, causing my family life to become more harmonious and my professional life more active.

KINESIOLOGY: As a medical intuitive, I contact the body’s innate intelligence through kinesiology when I reprogram genetic codes with the reprogramming protocols. Kinesiology allows us to test questions and get answers to reprogram the DNA. This method is explained in details in the book.

Our innate intelligence contains a phenomenal amount of information and, since it functions in a non-linear way, it is easy to bypass its treasures when trying to access it through linear thought. The power of the right questions is obvious when we find within ourselves the most valuable path to mastering our genetic code.

In all circumstances, the information received is directly related to the questions that we dare to ask. This is true scientifically, socially, spiritually, and in reprogramming DNA. In order to find the right answers, we must often ask questions which may initially seem unusual or ever preposterous. This is an essential condition to becoming a good DNA programmer. Here is an example of a question that I have asked myself: “Would my paternal diabetes gene, which causes my hypoglycemia, accept to be modified? I received “yes” as an answer. Then I asked: “Can I make this genetic modification on a vibrational level?” and so on. By practising this technique, I discovered that I could quickly connect with my inner self simply by asking my innate intelligence increasingly unusual questions. For instance, I could ask: “Is there an emotion or a physical cause that prevents me from being able to meditate right now? And if so, which one?” Unconventional questions have allowed me to identify links that I would otherwise never have found and that have led me to a better understanding of my programs. This is where my strength lies since everything rests in the art of knowing how to ask these unconventional questions and the ability to trust the answers I receive. If you wish to learn about how to reprogram your DNA, then have fun asking yourself easy questions as well as other more complicated ones, like, for example, those related to reprogramming your DNA. You will discover a whole new wondrous world!

The current planetary frequency resonates with acknowledging duality (as opposed to denying it) and installing the frequency of love within it. That is the new form of spirituality. It is one that involves creating a new frequency. The new paradigm to be installed involves integrating binary thought, assuming the zero point position, and accessing unconscious blockages in a spirit of kindness and acceptance. Our personal genetic manipulations will not be done in a laboratory. Reprogramming our junk or random DNA will be achieved by awakening to our role as programmers without judging our vulnerable side. Our tools will be intention (including duality), our unconventional questions, our testing techniques (kinesiology, etc.), and the reprogramming protocols.

By the power invested in us as human beings, we will then reclaim the genetic wealth that is rightfully ours. We will seal our genetic programs through intention and we will declare before the universe that we have become the only decision-makers when it comes to our codification. We will remain the masters of our personal and human heritage.